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Empowering leadership in social care: a collaborative approach to moving forward

24 Apr 2024
People, Workforce & Wellbeing
Lobbying for Fair Funding Reform:
• Advocate for sustainable funding model to address growing demand for social care services.
• Unite leaders in the sector to influence policy and recognise the value of social care.
Inspiring Widespread Adoption of Technology:
• Invest in IT systems, training, and support for staff to overcome resistance to technology adoption.
• Promote technology as a user-friendly care enabler of efficient, personalised care.
Driving Cultural Shifts:
• Professionalise careers in social care and provide opportunities for career progression and professional development.
• Challenge stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding working in social care and promote its value and positive impact.
• Celebrate and value social care to create a culture where it's seen as an essential part of society.
Kevin Humphrys, CEO - Oakland Care Group