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Cultural transformation: the importance of a change-journey in technological implementation

24 Apr 2024
Technology Theatre

It’s a depressing statistic that around 70% of digital transformation projects fail. We know that implementing new technology and digital solutions can be hard – knowing where to start, which product is best and importantly, how you will afford it. Once you’ve overcome those hurdles, it can be even tougher to implement new technology with limited resources and to get staff actively using it so you can reap the full benefits.

In this session, Phil and Emma will help you understand how to maximise the chances of successful implementation by focusing on the people side of technological change. They will discuss the importance of taking a people-first approach and the lessons learned from their practical experience within care settings. 

Through real life examples, they will explore how you can support staff on their change journey, win ‘hearts and minds’, and ensure the technology enables you to truly transform the way you deliver services.  If you get this right, it will be a triple win – better outcomes for the people you support, a better working environment for staff and a more cost-effective model of delivery for your organisation.

Phil Neilson, CEO & Co-Founder - AVERio
Emma Garland, Principal Consultant - Channel 3 Consulting