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How to get amazing CQC-ready feedback evidence

24 Apr 2024
Care Providers' Voice Masterclasses

Feedback is CENTRAL to the new framework with 3 of the new evidence categories being feedback related. Put simply, if you want to gain or retain a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' rating in the new framework then you MUST do feedback well. As the director of Care Research, Louie and his team have been supporting care services with feedback collection for 6 years and currently support over 200 care services with their feedback collection. In this session, Louie will share his tips and tricks around how to engage everyone in feedback collection, how to create surveys and evidence documents CQC will ACTUALLY read, how to prepare people for CQC evidence interviews and how to gain feedback from individuals who having learning disabilities or have limited/no speech. 

Louie Werth, Director - Care Research