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Engaging people and families: the role of digital technology

24 Apr 2024
Technology Theatre
Engaging people and families: the role of digital technology

With increasing pressure on the health and social care system, enabling people, their loved ones and carers to take a more active role in their care journey may prove imperative. 

Join Jeremy Baldwin and Al Frisby from Nourish, who will explore the transformative potential of digital technology to promote self-management, family engagement and shared decision-making across social care.

Key Points to be Covered: 
·                Changing Dynamic: Moving from passive care recipients to active partners in care. 
·                Digital as an enabler: Practical role of mobile apps, patient portals, wearables, remote monitoring in facilitating communication, collaboration and safe care. 
·                Providing access to relevant health information, treatment plans, and educational resources. 
·                Overcoming challenges and ensuring inclusivity. 
·                Addressing barriers to digital adoption. 
·                Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for diverse populations. 

Our aim is to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for professionals, policymakers, and industry stakeholders interested in harnessing the power of digital technology to engage and include people and their families in the provision of safe and supportive care.

Al Frisby, Community Product Lead - Nourish Care