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It takes a village: How care works when everyone’s aligned

25 Apr 2024
Business Theatre
It takes a village: How care works when everyone’s aligned

Join Mark Topps, Award winning Care Mentor, in an engaging panel discussion with Abeed Mohamed, Co-founder and CSO at Birdie, Amrit Dhaliwal from Walfinch and the family member of a care recipient. Discover just how care can work when everyone is able to be an active, motivated participant; and how this new model looks set to become the future of care.




Learning outcomes:
- Tangible ways to reposition the care recipient and their families as having choice and control over how they give and receive care.
- Showing how every partner in the care system - from from care professionals to family members, hospitals to telemedicine - is connected as part of an ‘always-on’ community that embraces care as part of a long-term healthy lifestyle, not just when a crisis occurs.
- Showcasing how different ‘neighbours’ work together seamlessly around the needs of the individual through innovative technology - forming the network that not only brings everyone together, but harnesses data and feedback loops to create a system of intelligence: our ‘collective wisdom’ as a village.

Mark Topps, Co-Founder and Director - The Caring View
Abeed Mohamed, Chief Strategy Officer - Birdie
Family of a care recipient
Amanda Keeler, Compliance Manager - Walfinch