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The behavioural revolution: creating cultural change in person centred dementia care

24 Apr 2024
People, Workforce & Wellbeing

In this session, Dr Emma Williams will introduce the role that Behaviour Analysts can play within dementia care settings, explaining how they provide a different form of support than other professionals and focusing on the positive outcomes that a behavioural approach can bring to people living with dementia and their caregivers. Dr Williams will share a unique format of behavioural skills training for care staff, explaining how this creates competent and confident staff who not only know how to prevent and support distressed behaviours in their clients, but can do so effectively and capably. Finally, Dr Williams will discuss how she is working towards creating a “Behavioural Revolution” in dementia care using these approaches to changing the culture, and in turn firmly delivering person centred care and improving quality of life for everyone living with dementia.

Emma Williams, Co-Director - Postive Ageing Consultancy & Training