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06 Dec 2023

Find the right partner to solve the recruitment conundrum

Find the right partner to solve the recruitment conundrum

Recruitment is a challenge right across the care sector. In fact, businesses across all industries are finding themselves short of suitable candidates. Companies like ASL Recruitment & Management are here to reduce the pressure on you and increase your rate of recruitment success. ASL’s Managing Director Doug Amesz explains how:

“For most businesses, their recruitment process is the foundation of everything they achieve. No business can succeed long-term without a workforce that is sufficiently skilled and dedicated to achieving its goals. Finding the right people to fill your skills gaps is crucial if you are to have any realistic chance of performing consistently. 

“I doubt that anyone reading this would say, hand on heart, that they have ever found recruitment easy, exactly. However, the last few turbulent years in the UK have thrown up a fresh set of challenges. Post-Brexit and post-pandemic, companies of all shapes and sizes are finding it more difficult than ever to recruit new people. No industry is immune. 

“The biggest challenge for anyone recruiting is the amount of work they have to do now to make sure their recruitment is efficient and most importantly, effective. We all know that the talent we need is out there somewhere, but when you have a role to fill, getting to it and finding the people who best fit your business needs can seem quite a daunting prospect.

“That’s why companies like ASL Recruitment & Management exist. We are essentially a family business, run by myself and my wife Estera, and like the majority of similar organisations, we started small. But right from the start we wanted to be different. 

“We knew that we had to become a great recruitment agency first and foremost, but we didn’t want to be like everyone else. So, we have developed and introduced what we believe are truly innovative recruitment techniques for domestic and overseas workers, as well as flexible procedures, systems and training, to reflect the differing needs and regulations of each country we work in. 

“Over the years, we have also brought together an experienced, friendly and knowledgeable team with a hands-on approach to relationship building that is very hard to match.

“We recognise the challenges and complexities in the recruitment process. The first step in our collaborative approach is to establish a deep understanding of what each employer needs to enhance their workforce. Once we have that knowledge, we can effectively manage the recruitment process for you, from end to end, working just as closely with every candidate in every country as we would work with you. 

“Every one of our clients is unique, so we provide bespoke recruitment solutions tailored specifically to their individual needs. Our comprehensive follow-up procedures and customer service are second to none and help clients to retain that talent after placement.

“The UK talent pool is important, of course. However, there is always a need to bring skilled international workers into the country. Brexit, of course, put an onus on companies like ours to broaden their horizons and through our ever-widening network of partners, we leave no stone unturned. The tight relationships we nurture at both ends of the recruitment spectrum equip us with the knowledge we need to stay grounded in the reality of what’s happening in the industries we recruit for and the regions and countries we source candidates from, so we can provide accurate and relevant insight. That facet of the recruitment process has arguably never been more important than it is today, in an ever-evolving recruitment landscape.

“I think the success of our business to date has been based on the abundance of interaction, learning and understanding we prioritise. A laser focus on each client and candidate fuels our ability to effectively manage and control processes and procedures, which makes us a reliable, empathetic, sustainable and consistent partner. 

“We find it also gets us as close to guaranteed results as is practicably possible. Ultimately the candidate’s success is your success, and your success is how we are measured and measure ourselves. We’re all in it together, you might say!

“So, if you’re reading this and wondering how to fill those gaps or improve your team, you don’t need to try and attract that talent alone. We’ve already done the groundwork for you, by building an ethical, transparent and trustworthy network of colleagues and partners in the UK and overseas. Once we understand your requirements, your ethos and your values, we’ll know where to go to find the best fit people for your business.

“We’ve always believed in the power of connecting people with opportunity. If you’re looking for a reliable and committed partner to support your recruitment process, get in touch with me and the ASL team – we can be your solution.”


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