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24 Jan 2024

The Development of the Care Workforce: Progress Begins!

The Development of the Care Workforce: Progress Begins!
The UK Department of Health and Social Care has introduced a new set of measures to elevate the domestic care workforce.

For the first time, a national care career structure with defined roles and professional development pathways will be established. Over £50 million will fund a new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification for 37,000 workers, and an additional £20 million will support apprenticeships for social work and nursing roles. Subsidized training opportunities and a digital leadership qualification aim to enhance skills.

The reforms, backed by £75 million, aspire to reduce turnover by providing clear career paths, improving training, and recognizing care work as a respected profession.

The Care Workforce Pathway introduces a comprehensive career structure for care staff, fostering development and recognition. These initiatives align with the Made with Care recruitment campaign, emphasizing the skilled nature of social care and promoting workforce retention.

Click here to read more: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-sets-out-plans-to-develop-the-domestic-care-workforce


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