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20 Feb 2024

Revolutionising Care with AI: A New Era in Caregiving

Call the AI Hall: N7 - N10 Stand: J66
Revolutionising Care with AI: A New Era in Caregiving
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, changing every industry by introducing new solutions. In the caregiving field, AI is already making big improvements in service quality and efficiency, helping operations run smoother and making better outcomes for clients. We're excited to showcase three of our AI products at the London Care Show, booth J66.

Making Access to Care Policies & Training Easier with AI
Understanding care policies can be complex for carers and time-consuming to keep up with the changes. Our AI assistant can help by giving them quick access to policy info when and where needed. They can just ask an AI assistant over the phone, on a web browser, or even on a video call and get the answers they need promptly to make better decisions.
Our AI Assistant will learn your agency's policies, giving precise answers to policy questions. This improves compliance and saves staff time, allowing them to focus more on caring for clients.
AI is also transforming training. Traditional methods can be slow and inflexible, but AI training platforms are interactive and adapt to each carer's needs. This makes training more effective and ensures caregivers have the latest knowledge and skills. The policies and training AI assistants are capable of understanding inquiries phrased in various ways and can converse proficiently in 19 different languages. This versatility is particularly beneficial in the care industry, where a diverse workforce may include individuals for whom English is not their first language, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all employees.

New AI for Detecting Falls and Providing Help
Our second product is a breakthrough in privacy-respecting, real-time monitoring for fall detection and well-being.
When detecting a fall, our AI assistant promptly calls the patient using the normal phone line or an intercom option to ensure their safety. Should there be no response, or if assistance is confirmed to be necessary, the AI assistant will instantaneously notify the on-duty staff.
If the patient is conscious, the assistant continues the dialogue, offering reassurance that help is on its way, and attempts to assess the severity of the fall and any related injuries. This information is then relayed to the arriving care team.
On completion, the assistant will send an email to all relevant parties with transcripts, actions taken, and precise timing of events.
This tool is essential for addressing one of the biggest risks in caregiving: falls and ensuring a quick response.

Improving Care Visit Quality with AI Oversight
Our AI assistant can also join care visits virtually, listening in quietly. It looks for signs of distress or problems during the visit and can alert a manager to provide them the option to listen in real time and assess the situation firsthand.
After each visit, the assistant will draft a comprehensive care visit report. This report is then electronically dispatched to the care agency's office, which helps with documentation and improves care quality.
Designed to join the visits automatically, our AI assistant is great for resolving disputes by providing unbiased accounts of caregiver-client interactions. It also records arrival and departure times, as well as care tasks actions completed to add reliability to care delivery, while staying unobtrusive.
Keeping Your Data Safe
Due to the sensitive nature of the information handled by our AI assistants, we offer the highest standards of data protection and are fully transparent on where and how your data is stored and used.
We don't train our AI with your data, and you can choose to host your data on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or even on your server, ensuring exclusive access.

Come see us at booth J66 to see these AI solutions in action.
Visit: callthe.ai
Inquiries: ask@callthe.ai

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