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Enhancing dementia care: introducing Cognitive Books at the Care Show

Cognitive Books Hall: N7 - N10 Stand: M29
Enhancing dementia care: introducing Cognitive Books at the Care Show

In dementia care, personal experience is often the driver for innovation and change.  Cognitive Books help people living with dementia maintain their love of reading with their debut publication, looking back at … The Beatles, being inspired by someone very close to the author’s heart.

Matt Singleton has vivid, joyful memories of his father, Brian, reading books on summer holidays … but Alzheimer’s Disease means Brian finds focusing on the evolving plot of a story challenging. Matt searched for a suitable book, but nothing worked for his dad. As a gerontologist with strong knowledge of dementia and vast experience in innovation, Matt saw a problem and solved it!

After creating the first book, Matt shared this with people living with dementia, before improving the concept and creating more sophisticated versions.

Collaboration with UK’s leading dementia charity

Through working with Alzheimer’s Society Accelerator Programme and leading dementia experts, Cognitive Books developed further, drawingon thorough research and lived experience to create recreational reading material for people living with dementia that’s supported by Alzheimer's Society. This unique offering is much needed in the care industry, as highlighted by one of the world’s leading dementia academics, Professor Gill Livingston of University College London:

“Most people with dementia can read but there are few books designed specifically for them. Cognitive Books are written for the needs of people with dementia. They have the potential to give pleasure and may help improve social functioning.”

Practical tools rooted in research: looking back at … The Beatles

Published on 15 April, looking Back at... The Beatles, which includes a free audio version narrated by renowned actor Bill Nighy, combines accessible narratives with techniques to stimulate conversation and aims to spark engagement through creating reminiscence exercises for people living with dementia.

Published in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Society, this beautifully-illustrated, hard-backed book with rhyming passages throughout, addresses the specific barriers that can prevent people living with dementia experience from reading.

A chance to engage at the Care Show

For care professionals attending the Care Show at the London Excel Centre on 24th and 25th April, Cognitive Books offer a practical addition to their toolkit. Using Cognitive Stimulation Therapy techniques, Cognitive Books foster engagement and stimulate social functioning. With easy-to-read formats and accompanying audio versions, they encourage shared experiences and meaningful discussions in care settings.

As a physical, long-lasting item that can be enjoyed by more than one person, Cognitive Books offer a valuable addition for settings such as a care home, dementia cafés and day centres. As reflected by a “Cognitive Bookworm”, Martina Davis, who was part of the panel that tested and helped co-create the final version of the book:

“I’m a big fan of technology and innovation helping someone living with dementia, but they only have a finite time as the condition progresses. You need to go back to solid basics like a book. Something you can hold, something that feels familiar, that you can enjoy with someone else and have that social interaction – what a wonderful gift that is. Cognitive Books have longevity.”

A partnership approach to dementia care

Endorsed by leading experts and created in collaboration with Alzheimer's Society, Cognitive Books epitomise a co-creation approach to enhance the quality of life for people living with dementia.

Cognitive Books present more than a story. They include a supporters’ guide that offers dementia and care professionals practical strategies to maximise engagement and enjoyment, exercises to help stimulate discussion and a free audio version to support readers in sharing books with their loved ones/ carers or in a wider group.

In the landscape of dementia care, Cognitive Books represent a practical, research-backed approach to professionals to support their service users. Join us at the Care Show and, together, let's explore the transformative potential of Cognitive Books in dementia care.









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