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Make a Difference: Connect with Prospero Health and Social Care Recruitment.

Prospero Health and Social Care Hall: N7 - N10 Stand: M26
Make a Difference: Connect with Prospero Health and Social Care Recruitment.
In health and social care recruitment, Prospero Health and Social Care deliver industry-leading support services to a wide range of care settings, and local authorities.

Here's why Prospero is different:

We go beyond just finding people a job. Our experienced team, made up of former support workers and social care professionals, personally guide our candidates through the entire process, offering dedicated support and advice every step of the way.

We offer diverse career opportunities. Whether you're interested in crisis support, supporting families, or working with children and adults, we have a wide range of fulfilling roles to choose from.

We prioritise safety and well-being. Our dedicated safeguarding team ensures a secure environment for both staff and clients, giving you peace of mind.

We invest in staff development by providing opportunities for ongoing training and professional development, helping grow your skills and knowledge.

We're recognized for excellence. Award-winning and with offices across the globe, we're a company you can be proud to be part of. 

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives? Do you need dedicated staff for your own care setting? If so, then a connection with Prospero Health and Social Care might be the perfect fit for you!

Belinda - Prospero Health & Social Care Support Worker

Come and say hello to the team at the 2024 Care Show!

We’ll be at stand M26 and would be keen to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

Ready to join a purpose-driven team and make a real difference? Visit our website and explore the exciting opportunities waiting for you at Prospero!



Here’s a recent client testimonial:

“We currently have a package with Tower Hamlets, in which we've been supporting a young person for just over a year.

Towards the end of December, the Prospero HSC team & the young person's Care team scheduled a planned moved from the unregistered placement to a registered placement.

Leading up to the move, staff at the placement supported the young person to maintain a good day & night routine, supported the young person to build up independence, and prepared them mentally for the move, assuring them it would be a positive experience.

Whilst we worked towards the placement move, I would send weekly updates to the manger at the new placement with daily reports, incident reports, or any contact visits the young person would have, to maintain good communication and ensure any new professionals involved in the child's care were all up to date.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, Prospero HSC have provided the new placement with staff who are familiar with this young person, for a 6-week period. This way, the young person has been able to settle into their new placement with ease and is slowly being introduced to the new staff at the new placement, who will solely be caring for the young person after the 6 weeks.”


Why Clients are choosing Prospero Health and Social Care…

Decades of Expertise

Prospero Health and Social Care brings over twenty years of experience to social care recruitment. 


Diverse Services Offered

Prospero offer a diverse range of services, encompassing crisis support staffing, qualified social workers, family support workers, and contact supervision. 


Exceptional Team Structure

The team structure at Prospero is designed for success, with internal staff possessing a wealth of experience in the Health and Social Care sector. 

From ex-registered managers to support workers for both children and adults, the team is dedicated to meeting the staffing needs of clients with precision and expertise.


Safer Recruitment Process

The face-to-face registration checks at Prospero include comprehensive assessments of employment history, identity, original documentation, medical declarations, safeguarding and disqualification declarations, and more. 


Dedicated Safeguarding Team

Prospero Group's commitment to safeguarding is evident in its designated safeguarding officers and managers across the social care and education businesses, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safeguarding, providing a secure environment for both clients and staff.


Local Authority Testimonials

Prospero's impact is evident in the positive testimonials from local authorities, emphasising the reliability and dedication of staff in building relationships with young people.

“Overall, I felt staff were very reliable and invested in building a relationship with the young person. Support staff were great with communicating with me and checking in when unsure about plans etc. I believe staff interacted well with the young person and really went out of their way to support them in a time of crisis.”

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