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15 Apr 2024

Join the celebrations! #CelebratingSocialCare

Join the celebrations! #CelebratingSocialCare
From 2 April, Skills for Care is leading the month-long #CelebratingSocialCare campaign to honour the exceptional individuals working across the social care sector. This initiative aims to raise awareness and appreciation for the significant contributions of these dedicated professionals who exhibit heightened skill, passion, patience, and hard work in supporting individuals reliant on care services. 

The campaign invites everyone to participate in various ways, including sharing personal celebrations and shoutouts on social media, utilising campaign templates provided on the website to show support, and organising special events or activities. Participants are encouraged to share messages of gratitude towards colleagues, highlight achievements, and showcase the positive impact of social care through photos, updates, and stories. Additionally, supporters can use campaign assets such as social media images, email banners, and blog templates to spread awareness across different platforms. 

In addition to the online campaign, individuals and organisations are urged to take the celebrations offline by organising events like staff awards ceremonies, coffee mornings, arts and crafts activities, outings for those receiving care, and open days for the local community. These activities provide opportunities to recognise accomplishments, foster connections, and share the importance of social care with the wider community. 

Skills for Care encourages participants to share their experiences and celebrations on social media using the hashtag #CelebratingSocialCare and tagging the organisation. By coming together to celebrate and acknowledge the vital role of social care workers, the campaign seeks to create a positive impact and inspire continued support and recognition for those in the field. 

Join the celebration now and share your posts online!  

Check out the Skills for Care website to find out more: https://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/news-and-events/Spotlight-on/CelebratingSocialCare.aspx#Showingyoursupportforthecampaignusingourtemplates  

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