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Flexi Apprenticeships

eTraining Ltd Hall: N7 - N10 Stand: F24

There are many benefits to Flexi-job apprenticeships, such as helping businesses with non-standard employment models find top talent, closing skills gaps within organisations and across industries, improving social mobility for candidates, and giving them the chance to learn new skills on-the-job and pursue their dream careers – without previous experience.

What is a Flexi-job apprenticeship?

Flexi-job apprenticeships, also known as portable apprenticeships, are schemes that enable individuals to pursue a career of their choice without qualifications, allowing them to gain experience with multiple host businesses throughout the duration of their contract with an agency. Essentially, the definition is in the name, with ‘flexi’ and ‘portable’ suggesting an apprenticeship that offers employers a greater level of flexibility with shorter contract commitments. And on the flip side, apprentices also benefit from this approach with the chance to work and learn from multiple organisations.