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Syncurio Hall: N7 - N10 Stand: L51

Unifying Rostering, Attendance, and Payroll

The seamless integration of the roster, time and attendance, and payroll systems in Syncurio’s HR module offers a significant advantage in managing care home operations. It eliminates the need for manual data entry across multiple platforms, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. This integration ensures that all systems are using the same, up-to-date information, leading to more accurate payroll calculations and fairer, more efficient rostering.

This level of integration can lead to significant time savings. HR staff no longer need to spend hours cross-referencing and updating data across different systems.

Innovative Time and Attendance Management

Syncurio’s Time and Attendance device brings a fresh approach to tracking employee hours. Instead of fobs or swipe cards, our system uses a unique PIN and facial photo for each staff member.

This method enhances security. With each clock-in, a photo is taken, ensuring the right person is clocking in for the shift. This reduces the potential for fraud and increases accountability.

With Syncurio’s Time and Attendance device, attendance data is accurate, secure, and easy to manage.

UK Border Agency Compliance

Fines for having non-compliant workers can be up to £60,000 for each individual. With the UKBA regularly inspecting home’s complaince unannounced, Syncurio has built in checks and balances to help care homes avoid heavy fines and focus on their care.

Many systems will simply track a VISA expiry date with limited alerting, this is simply not enough. You must gather and monitor numerous documents depending on your immigration status, and you need to inform UKBA if you spend significant time away from the workplace. Furthermore, the industry limits many individuals to working a specific number of hours. Syncurio simplifies all this.

Tracking compliance has become an important aspect of care home operating and Syncurios monitoring and alerting system is second to none.