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Seam Group

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Seam Group

At SEAM Group, we design our solutions and delivery to help you accomplish your mission-critical goals, like ensuring the safety and comfort of your guests and employees, which are paramount to your operational success and brand reputation.

Infrared thermography:

Detect problems with equipment early in the failure cycle, minimize reactive maintenance and troubleshooting time, document energy savings, track carbon emissions reductions, and provide a safer environment for guests and employees.

Lockout tagout procedures development and updates:

Perform a LOTO program GAP assessment, update, or develop procedures (including digital LOTO) and training.


Operations Headquarters ul
Stawki 2 00-193
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  • ViewPoint combines and analyzes data from infrared, vibration, oil, ultrasound, motor current testing,  and safety services like arc flash hazards analysis and digital lockout/tagout programs. ViewPoi ...
  • Your Lockout Tagout Program should include: A documented LOTO program: Establish a documented energy control program that covers the control of hazardous energy through risk assessments, procedures, t ...
  • High level, an IR program is simple: CONSISTENT: All your infrared inspections are performed the same way, at every location. CLEAR: Reporting is the same for every asset and issue, at every location. ...


  • ViewPoint®, you can easily create and update LOTO procedures instantly putting them in your people’s hands. Govern, administer, and audit your lockout tagout procedures and expiration dates


  • SEAM Group to be Acquired by ABB

    08 Apr 2024 SEAM Group
    By acquiring SEAM Group, ABB strengthens its Electrification Service offering, increasing industrial demands to modernize and optimize assets for safer, smarter, and more sustainable operations.
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