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Louise Keane

Louise Keane

Nurse Education Lead, North Central London Training Hub
Nurse Educator Lead for North Central London (NCL) Adult Social Care and NCL social care nursing advisory councils’ chair. Working in the NHS and ASC for the past 36 years both here in the UK and overseas. Her roles have also included being a Care Quality Commission inspector (CQC), service manager in a local authority and setting up and managing a stepdown ward in NCL during covid-19. Managing and working in ASC settings. Using her experience of Health and Social Care, Louise, and her team of nurses in the past 3 years have successfully rolled digital technology and education into 100s of care settings in NCL. Her team have won 3 national awards HSJ and the Burdett digital nursing award and included in the WHO decade of Healthy Aging report 23. She recently received the Karen Downs Lifetime Achievement award from NHS innovation collaborative for digital heath.