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Lucy Corner

Lucy Corner

Managing director, Cornerstone Care Solutions
Lucy Corner is the Managing Director of Cornerstone Care Solutions. She has a background in nursing as a dual registered nurse and holds a master's degree in Leadership and Management. Lucy incorporated Cornerstone Care in 2013 to provide consulting services to health and regulated services, and the company has grown exponentially in the last decade. Cornerstone Care Solutions Ltd is a leading care home management company covering the UK, specialising in a comprehensive range of services tailored to elevate the standards of care facilities. With a focus on turnaround, Cornerstone offers invaluable insights to help care homes meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Our management services encompass operational efficiency, staff training, and quality assurance, ensuring a holistic and individualised approach to care home excellence. Additionally, we provide expert consulting and insolvency services, conducting due diligence and offering strategic solutions for care homes or services facing financial and restructuring challenges. We can provide interim management solutions, short term advisory and analysis projects, mock inspections, as well as specialist policies and procedures to support all areas of the business. We produce management accounts, generate forecasts, manage payroll, and all other operational functions to trade a service efficiently and independently. Either for lenders or owners of services that need to take a step back. Our mission is to deliver exceptional care through innovative management solutions. www.cornerstonecare.co.uk