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Tapelo Sibanda

Tapelo Sibanda

Area Manager, Focus Care Supported Living

Since 2005, I have been immersed in the field of supported living, working with a diverse range of individuals. My journey began when my mother, an international nurse, relocated us from Africa, a path that other family members have also followed.

Throughout my career, I have assumed various roles, including support worker, senior support worker, NVQ assessor, Regional Assessor, and currently, Area Manager. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading companies involved in international recruitment.

I am passionate about health and social care and am committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives. I align with the company’s values of ubuntu and treat everyone as I would my own family. I have also been proactive in initiatives aimed at combating gang culture among young people, providing mentorship and opportunities for them to lead healthy, successful lives. This work has involved collaboration with the local council and youth services.

To further my career and set a positive example for my children and the young people I mentor, I have pursued higher education in Health Care Management and Project Management at Arden University.

I am a firm believer in the ubuntu philosophy, “I am because you are,” emphasizing that success is a collective effort and no one can do it alone. As a parent, I understand the challenges of parenthood and the importance of networking and community support when you feel alone.

I am committed to ensuring my team is well-supported and motivated, understanding the challenges and adjustments that come with moving from a different country. I am here to share my knowledge and support others who are on a journey to improve their careers and lives.