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With something for everyone, our Care Keynote Theatre boasts a wealth of trending topics aimed at provoking discussions on current priorities and challenges within the sector. Delve into a comprehensive selection of sessions curated for professionals across the care community, and listen as thought leaders, influential figures, and business professionals share their expertise on the latest issues, best practices, and transformative solutions shaping the industry.

From CEOs, Registered Managers, and Healthcare professionals to Care Quality and Compliance leads, Care Assistants, and all other professionals in the sector, the Care Keynote Theatre caters to all. With topics ranging from international inspiration, professional career development, and government policy to the new CQC framework and local authority funding, you can’t miss out!

Join us as we focus on the future of care and explore opportunities for transformation, innovation, and a better quality of life for all those in the social care sector.


Our Business Theatre aims to break down the complexities of owning, managing, and maintaining businesses in the care sector and address the new and existing challenges that must be tackled moving forward.

Business Owner, Procurement Lead, Registered Manager, CEO? Uncover strategies for sustainable business practices within the social care sector. From sales and marketing advice to meaningful garden design, from managing budgets to developing new sustainable properties, step into the Business Theatre to uncover invaluable insights for those bringing care business into an economically viable future.

With a tumultuous economic landscape ahead, it becomes more important than ever to hone in on the business skills and acumen needed to create, maintain, and grow a business within the care sector. Come along to find out more!


Whether you’re looking to discover the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, trying to access government funding for a new digital project, or worried about protecting your resident’s data, the Technology Theatre has it covered. For tech enthusiasts, sector leaders, and professionals eager to harness the power of technology, this theatre promises a captivating exploration of cutting-edge solutions and advancements shaping the future of care.

With a broad range of topics, including fall prevention, cybersecurity, digital inclusion, and cultural transformation and CQC self-regulation data collection, the Technology Theatre is not one to miss out on!


Our People, Workforce & Wellbeing Theatre aims to educate and inspire as we provide quality content for all those managing workforces and leading teams of individuals.  

HR Manager, Team Leader, Recruiter? Navigate the evolving landscape of human resources in the social care sector and learn best practice from professionals on international recruitment, staff mental health and wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion and more! Engage in sessions tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities in recruiting, retaining, and developing a skilled and compassionate workforce.

As we look to the future of social care, we look towards a brighter, more compassionate, and inclusive working environment for all those involved. But what changes can we make to get to this point? This is what sessions in the People, Workforce & Wellbeing Theatre will look to address, so come along to learn more!


Joining The Outstanding Society Learning Lounge at the Care Show London provides a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights and inspiration from exemplary care providers.

Here you will have the chance to interact with care providers who have not only received outstanding ratings from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) but have also excelled in maintaining and improving their standards. These industry leaders will share their success stories, detailing the specific practices, methodologies, and approaches that propelled them to achieve the esteemed outstanding rating.

Through engaging discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, you'll have the opportunity to delve into the nuances of what makes a care service outstanding. 


Care Providers’ Voice is a free hub in Northeast London providing support to social care providers through free resources for recruitment and representation, events and activities, guidance and support documents, care career advice and much more.

Here you will be able to interact in a number of 45-minute workshops designed to provide educational content and resources to social care professionals. From becoming CQC-ready, improving the resilience and wellbeing of your workforce, and learning recruitment best practice, to new DBS legislation, LGBTQ+ support and a focus on apprenticeships, the Care Providers’ Voice theatre promises to cover a wide range of topics.